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fried chicken I think everyone likes to eat chicken wings; I am no exception, usually when I eat it outside, I always feel that I am not enough, so I do it by myself, and here is the American fried chicken wings practice.
Material: 3 wings, right amount bread powder, pepper salt, 6 big spoons of low gluten flour, 2 big spoons of corn powder, 250ml water
The making process:
1. Do the batter: put the low gluten flour and corn flour into a large basin, mix them well, and then add water to make it become the batter.
2. Break up the eggs and put into the bowl, stir it, and then add the eggs to the batter, mix well.
3. Clean up the wing, put it into batter that you just do in practice 2 and wrap it evenly.
4. Then wrap the wing that you do in practice3 a layer of bread flour, spare.
5. Put salad oil into the pot, and heat up to 180℃, then slowly put the wrapped wing into the oil.
6. Fry the wing with the middle fire, until the surface is golden and crisp, pick up and drain oil, you can eat with pepper and salt.
Because it was fried and has high quantity of heat, if you like to eat it, try to eat less.


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