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Use wine to help cook
In the Cameroon city restaurants, when you order the dish “wines cooking shrimp”, cooks in the restaurant will pour into condiment in a cooked shelled shrimp in advance, and then waiters put shrimp with whisky wine together on table. First pour wine into the tray, and then light uo with fire, just listens to ‘bang’, the shrimp in dish of shrimp and wine together twinkle in raging fire, after a while, the flame goes out, shrimp in the plate is also cooked.
Burning stone to bake and stew
The Oceania island of Taveuni, the cooking methods of Polly Nipiya people are very ethnic characteristics, they burn stone to bake stew food, the production methods: dig a hole on the ground, put in the pit of a large number of firewood, above firewood is separated by mud, and put the stones on mud, which need to be placed in order. Pre-washed and coated with spices and then put in stone taro, cassava, yams, whole chicken, whole pig like food. These foods are packaged with banana leaf, put away, the mouth is sealed with mud. The last step is lighting fire to burn, one or two hours later, open the mud, remove the food and can be eaten.
Chewing to mix condiment
The family of Russia, a uniquely and quaint “cooking” method: a women chews fish with mouth, other women chew fruit, after chewed, they spit chewed food into a bowl, and then add into appropriate amount of seal oil to mix evenly. Because the dish is the most expensive famous dish of local ethnic, so when be entertain guests, they will mak this dish to show their guests sincere friendship.
Pour oil to bake with charcoal
The behalf of theItalian folk superb cooking skills is the “pouring oil charbroil”, the dishes are produced by this method are not only delicious infinite, and is known for its unique production methods. The grilled white leafy “that is one of the names Levin. Layers of locally produced white leaf Levin shape of the lotus bud, the color purple, leave tightly wrapped. Production, the first knife to cut off the tip, pepper, garlic, dried mint, salt and other spices evenly then thrown into the dish heart, to be placed in the charcoal, and then doused with several oil both flavor enhancers scorch paste. So bake twelve hours after the bottom of the leafy white skin coke blades fragmentation as loose ball, taste, fragrance. Food to be stripped of coke leaves, known locally as the “Ka Erqiao amplitude”.


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When have dinner, people do not use tables and chairs, also don’t use a knife and fork in many parts of Africa, but use hand to scratch meal.
At dinner, they were sitting around, in the middle is placed a lunch-box and a dish box. Everyone hold down the edge of the lunch box or the dish box with his left hand, use the fingers of his right hand to scratch in front of rice and vegetables, to put into the mouth. At this point, you will not know what to do, even grasp the hands full of rice, and Africans themselves are the action cleanly when use hands to eat.
Guests should pay attention to when have dinner, do not sprinkle the food on the ground, which is the master taboo. After meal, the elderly do not leave the younger generation needs to sit waiting; when children leave the meeting shall salute to the parents for thanks; guests should wait for master to leave together after eating.
In many parts of Africa, they have a strict etiquette in having dinner, even when eat the cattle and sheep, chickens and ducks, who eat them, each part should have stipulations. Such as in Mali, the chicken thighs are belonging to the elder men to eat, chicken breast is owned by older women; the master of the house eats chicken neck, stomach and liver; children eat chicken head, claws and wings. And in Botswana, for example, in large public banquet, guests and men eat beef, married women eat offal, the two food is cooked separately, must not be confused.

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imp pizza

The creativity of parents in the life also can affect children. For example, when cook a meal, if you join a little originality and small mind, not only you will be happy, people who eat also will be happy. Every day you need to cook, the time of cooking meals every day also is a good time to play small ideas, let your table become a unique food stage. This Halloween festival atmosphere is more and more thick, and we can see everywhere commonly decorations associated with Halloween, Halloween theme of supplies and food. Today use chance of doing lunch, do imp pizza, only more one step than the average pizza, also is when bake pizza, adding a piece of imp formative cheese, let Halloween atmosphere show up on the table.
Pizza wrappers method (twelve parts)
Component 1:2 small spoon yeast, 1 small spoon coarse brown sugar, 4/3 cups of warm water 45 degrees or so
Component 2:3/4 small spoon of salt, 3 cups of flour,
Component 3: 3 big spoons of olive oil, 1/2 spoon of the basil, 1/2 small spoon of oregano, the quarter of small spoon of garlic powder
Component 4: a little olive oil, a little garlic powder
1. Mixed component 1, place at least ten minutes. Mix well component 3, pour into component 2, blending, rub into dough with the hands, and the dough does not glue the hand. Put the dough in a greased container, and cover wet cloth fermentation 1 hour.
2. When the dough is fermentation well, use rolling pin to roll thin wrappers, secondary fermentation 20 minutes, plug out a lot of holes on the surface with plastic forks (don’t touch non-stick layer of pan).
3. Mix well component 4, evenly brush on pizza skin surface. Preheat oven to 400F, put pizza skin into it to roast 5 minutes.
In addition, the dough is fermentation once after the night, on this morning, takes out of from the fridge, roll two dough that has been fermentation, not to add nothing, fry them with pan.

Pizza wrappers method
Pizza sauce practice:
18 ounce of tomato puree, 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese, a tablespoon of garlic powder, 1/3 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon of anchovy (optional), 2 tablespoons of onion powder, 3/4 small spoon dried oregano, 3/4 small spoon dry basil, 3/4 small spoon grinding pepper, 1/2 small spoon paprika, salt.
1. Cut up tomatoes, make into tomato puree with blender. Mix all seasoning to tomato puree, quiet place with 30 minutes again.
Note: can also use ready-made tomato sauce, then in accordance with the original prescription to add water.
The practice of imp modeling pizza
Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, Mexico type four kind of cheese mixture, cookie cutter with imp modeling, black olives.
1. Smear tomato sauce on pizza crust, and spread on cheese silk, bake 15 minutes with 425F, remove pizza.
2. Cut Mozzarella cheese into imp modeling using cookie cutter, cut black olive into small pieces to do imp eyes. Put imp formative cheese placed on the pizza, continue to roast 3-5 minutes with 425F to cheese melting a little. After baked, you can eat.

Pizza sauce practice
A simple step can produce a lot of change and fun, let the table vivid. Oh! Creativity can’t sacrifice the nutrition and taste of food, this is very important.

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