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Mushroom can prevent a lot of disease
In addition to tricholoma matsutake, other kinds of mushrooms are also very popular in Japan. In the supermarket of Japan, every day there are different kinds of mushrooms being on sale. The most popular are the forest mushroom and fresh enkoi mushroom. Mushrooms can be made into soup, chicken cake, and can be fried, etc. Mushrooms not only contain large ornithine and glutamic that is necessary for human body, but also can be extracted a kind of material called “lentinan” from it. This kind of material can be made into drugs by refining, which is used to adjuvant therapy of cancer, this let Japanese loving mushrooms more regard mushroom as the treasure of dietotherapy.
According to the Japanese “Sankei Shimbun” reported, mushroom can also enhance immunity, reduce blood sugar, strengthens the heart, regulate blood pressure, antithrombotic, antivirus, etc. If children eat fresh mushrooms, it can have the role of protecting teeth.
Mushroom health products are also very popular
Today, the health product is very popular, and also there are mushroom health products. In Okinawa is popular with powder particles that are made by a kind of umbrella mushroom as raw material, a box is only 180grams, but the price is as high as 26000 yen. “Although the price is very high, the sale is very good. People believe, mushroom can bring the unexpected benefits for health.” Factory director told reporters.
There is still a kind of health product called “the ganoderma lucidum grain” health, a box is 180 grains, the price is 8400 yen, which is at present the most popular “mushroom health products”. This kind of products at first are developed by American scientists, then are further studied by the Japanese scholars who found that the nutrients is beyond of the people’s imagination. Therefore, the enterprise has applied for patent, and hope mushroom can also bring wealth and good luck for them.


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tricholoma matsutake

Nutrients constituent is the first in the fungus is expensive but very popular
The Japanese have a special liking to mushroom, especially for the tricholoma matsutake, almost can say they “worship” the mushroom. Every when tricholoma matsutake comes into the market, the food sales layer in all the supermarket or large department stores will put them in the most eye-catching position, to attract customer. Although the tricholoma matsutake is also expensive in there, Japanese still prefer to buy it. In their words–“it is precious like our life.”
The Japanese most love tricholoma matsutake
The unique aroma let the Japanese intoxicated and yearning. Because the tricholoma matsutake is belonged to advanced dish in Japan, at ordinary time it seldom can be bought, a lot of people eat once or twice a year is well. And, tricholoma matsutake production in Japan is very few, most need to import from China, South Korea and other places, which also make the worth of tricholoma matsutake increased, ordinary people can’t afford the price.
The Japanese also can make a variety of dishes with tricholoma matsutake, the most common dish is mushroom rice; rich people like directly putting them on the fire to roast and eat. Mushroom contains rich matsutake element, cinnamon acid, etc; some experts think that the matsutake has the cancer-fighting properties. In addition, in the mushroom, the vitamin D, vitamin B2 and calcium content in matsutake is the highest, and it is regarded as as “the king of mushrooms by Japan.

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chicken curry

Curry can resist a cold
The first research article about curry medicinal value in the world was published in 1970, and so far in the medical literature retrieval system has 1700 study articles. It can be said, curry medicinal value has been caught the world’s attention.
In a winter, in 2006, there was a pandemic influenza breaking out in European and America, an English epidemiologist made a unique prescription: curry food. He explained spicy food can increase patient "the mucous secretion capacity of nasal", and the more mucous, the easier the patient can recover.
At the same time, the cumin and chili pepper in curry are helpful in easing the discomfort of respiratory tract, other ingredients such as garlic and onion has antiseptic function. The clinical studies of expert showed that people who have cold eat curry is more effective than traditional treatment of cold, and the cold will be soon ease after having curry.
In fact, the Indians have known the medicinal value of curry. An Indian doctor also said the flu in India is difficult to pop, because people eat curry every day; the flu is nipped in the bud.
Curry makes person more clever
The scientists found that, curry powder contain a kind of ingredient called "curcumin", which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in some parts of body. The "curcumin" is as adjuvant drugs to cure cancer can effectively restrain the spread of cancer cells such as breast cancer. In addition, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in India is far lower than in the other countries, also has close relationship with curry. In November, in 2006, the National University of Singapore, a study has found the cognitive ability of old men who eat curry is better than not eat curry, they think eating curry can prevent the old man intelligence degradation.
Although curry has the above efficacy, Indians believe it’s not enough. An Indian doctor had said, men often eat curry, can reduce the risk of prostate infection risk; children often eat curry, can improve memory; the old man often eat curry, can slow the aging…… Now, the domestic supermarket can buy curry, just put in the beef, potatoes, onions to stew, it is a convenient, delicious and healthy curry meal.

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India curry

For India people, curry is not only a kind of food, also is as the "tokens" can be brought to the country. Once an Indian did business in Shanghai of China, before he went to China each time, he purchased quantity of curry powder and curry food. Someone was puzzled and asked him, "You can buy these in the Shanghai supermarket, why do you still take these things?" "Certainly it’s necessary; we Indian can’t eat food, but must eat curry." He thoughtlessly said the reason of "air" curry.
No curry, the life is very hard
If you work with some Indian, each time order dinner, you can find they must order the curry, for example, curry potatoes, curry cauliflower, curry mutton rice, curry chicken rice, curry fish row sandwiches, curry bean soup, etc.
A scholar said: "Indian very loves curry, if the food without curry, they think it’s inedible; without curry, their life is pain". If don’t like curry, in India is also very trouble. As long as have dinner in India, you must see the curry, because every restaurant must take the curry as the main food, or it can only be closed.
Do you like curry? If you like, you can go to India to eat.

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double-layer steamed milk

The materials
Raw materials: a large bowl of milk (about 400ml), only two egg white, two spoons of sugar (or don’t take sugar put condensed milk, it will be more sweet)
The making process:
1) Pour the milk into the pot, just boil it (if boil long time, will break down protein), and then pour into a large bowl, then can see surface of milk have a layer skin on boiled milk.
2) Take a large empty bowl, and put into two egg white (I think we all know how to separate egg white and egg yolk), add two spoons of sugar, and stir them until the sugar dissolved (don’t stir too long, or the egg becomes the bubble)
3) After the milk cooled, use the chopsticks to pierce the skin on the boiled milk, then slowly pour milk into the large bowl with egg white, stir well, and then slowly pour back the bowl left the skin on the boiled milk along the bowl edge, can see the skin on the boiled milk floating.
4) At last, place the milk in pan, lie between water and pan, steam about ten minutes, use chopsticks pierce the middle of it, no milk flows, means you accomplish!
Secret: 1. use full fat milk, the higher the fat content, the better; 2. After boiling milk, should wait for a moment to make milk skin have time to fully condense; 3. Stew it with small fire, the milk is just condensed to shut off fire, or the taste will not be very well.

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chewing gum

Chewing gum is one of the most ancient candies in the world. The archaeologists found, people in different places of the world have the habit of chewing "chewing gum". The ancient Indian removed the oral smell by chewing a mixture of honey and gum; the Maya loved chewing glycine and gum. According to the report, the archeologists not long ago found a piece of the oldest "chewing gum" in Finland, it is more than 5000 years, even remains the dental. This "chewing gum" was made by repeatedly fired birch bark. 
The history of modern chewing gum can be dated back to the 1930s-1940 s. It was actually invented occasionally. Mexico had a manilkara tree could grow gum, and the local people often put it in your mouth to chew. Then, a Mexico general took this gum to America, and wanted to let the inventors become gum into the substitute of rubber, he was still failure after many tests. But, Thomas Adams and his son noticed it, they put the gum mixed into hot water, added spices, and made it a small ball, then sold it in drugstore. From then on, all kinds of chewing gum are popular in the world. 
In addition to clean your teeth, keep your mouth pure and fresh, strong the facial muscles, scientists developed some new effect of chewing gum. For example, "the medicinal" chewing gum, can slowly release the medicinal ingredients in the process of chewing gum.
Chewing gum can play the effort in the psychology of people. Psychologists think, people like to chew gum has three reasons: first, eliminate the loneliness and irritable; secondly, relieve tension feeling; third, abreact the indignation of the heart by chewing. For many people, chewing gum is their close partner that they can’t be separated at any time, are you?

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Animal food generally has fishy smell material, especially the smell of aquatic products. The smell will enhance with the lower of freshness of food, these peculiar smell material not only makes people nausea, also causes harm to human body health after eating. When cooking, there are many methods to remove the smell, can according to the peculiar smell degree of material, take some measures to achieve the purpose of remove the fishy smell.
Neutralize the fishy smell
Animal food raw material contains a lot of protein and amino acid, lecithin, and other nutrients, because of the environment and function of their own bacteria, will produce various fishy smell substances, when cook, add adequate vinegar to neutralize, make it form acetic acid salts, which will greatly weaken the fishy smell. In addition, the tomato sauce contains citric acid, malic acid, and other organic acid, also can remove the smell, of course, directly cook fish and meat with tomatoes, have the same effect.
2, use wine to remove the smell
Some alkaline smell material with low boiling point, cannot use the neutralization way, can use alcohol that can dissolve the smell and volatile, after heated the fish and meat, the smell will be removed. At the same time alcohol also can produce reaction with aldehyde in the material, which can generate aroma combining with organic produced esters; both can make the dishes to remove smell and increase incense. So, cooking fish and meat, the wine and vinegar is necessary.

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