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The Bread
It was said that around the 2600 BC, there was an Egypt slave who used water and flour to make cake, one night, the bread was not roasted well, he fell asleep, the stove also put out. In the night, the raw cake began to ferment, and became bigger. When the slave was awake, found the raw cake was bigger twice than the one last night. He hurriedly put back the cake in the oven; he thought that there weren’t someone know him not finishing the work and carelessly fell asleep. When the bread was cooked, slave and master all found that the cake was much better than they used to eat, it’s loose and soft.
Maybe the flour, water or sweetener (perhaps are honey) is exposed to the wild yeast or bacteria in the air, after a period of time fermentation, yeast grows and spreads through the whole cake. The Egyptians continue to use the yeast to do experiment, and become the first generation of professional baker in the world.
A careless mistake created bread, is it very interesting? In life, sometimes you are careless, must pay attention, you may inadvertently make history.


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ice cream

Spicy ice cream
For the Mexico descendant and other ethnic minorities living in the United States, spicy food is always their favorite hobby. Therefore, some Mexican settlements in American appear spicy ice cream, its color is fiery like the chili, the shape is like red cluster pepper, and it looks very fun.
Garlic ice cream
At present, garlic food is well on sale in the market in USA. The merchants get an idea to introduce the garlic ice cream, and in order to get rid of the ozostomia trouble of eaters, also special prepare a "deodorant liquid", after the customers eat the garlic ice cream, just use "deodorant liquid" to gargle, smelly bad breath will disappear.
Antarctic ice cream
The Antarctic ice is the "holy" pronoun in some Americans’ heart. The Antarctic ice is transferred to American by plane, which needs to pay the larger cost, so making the ice cream with it is also dear. Even so, the consumption of ice cream is more and more large.
Tea ice cream
As more and more western nations drinking tea, American ice cream design masters also take this chance to introduce all kinds of tea ice cream, especially the "green" ice cream that is made by using green tea is most loved.
Eggplant ice cream
Eggplant ice cream is different from the previous tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, etc, the "fruit and vegetable ice cream" taste, they put the unique astringency of eggplant into ice cream, after eating, make the person enjoy a unique taste, so soon quickly it is accepted by consumer after the listed.
Chinese medicine ice cream
Many Americans begin to take notice of traditional Chinese medicine, so they use ginseng, gastrodia elata, pseudo-ginseng, and other Chinese medicine to make ice cream which satisfies the people’s needs of health care.

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Is the wedding must be held in a luxury hotel? An entirely new wedding was held in a Mexico fast-food chain shop in the Illinois of United States, the whole wedding only cost about $200.
According to Associated Press reports, the 30-year-old groom Paul Brooks and the 21-year-old bride Kara Brooks held a wedding in the fast-food chain shop "Tacco Bell".
Workers set out chilli sauce package with "will you marry me?" and used the ribbons and balloon to deck restaurant.
The wedding mood was also quite fit to fast food restaurant style. The wedding host was the couple’s friends, he dressed a T-shirt. When new couple exchanged marriage vows, other customers in shop still ordered some Mexico Fried corn coil or corn pie to eat.
Paul said: "this form of wedding is very well, because this sentiment is unusual."
The bride’s mother Casey also accepted this wedding, thought it had "no pressure".
The restaurant manager Carl Hamre said he never thought that it can be held wedding in his work place.
Can’t you think this wedding way is very accord with American practical spirit? Certainly, every one idea is different, but I think holding wedding in this way is very warm.

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rape is really a good thing, its taste is better! It is so fascinating that people give it another name: the raisins.
We all think that the raisins are found by the people in Middle East, where they are the treasure. Anything in the scorching sunshine are not corruption are treasure.

In September, 1873, a big heat wave hit the region. The fruit growers are late to take off their all grapes; the high temperature has roasted the grapes crumpled.
Don’t have grapes.
A fruit grow transported the dry grapes to the grocer of San Francisco. The customers in grocer find these raisins are very rare good fruits, so these “fresh” raisins are discovered by accident became one of the main industry in California.
Raisins are rich in iron, and the iron is very important to children body. Raisins also contain potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and moderate amount of vitamin B. Don’t need preservatives, as long as in the shade, the raisins can keep delicious and are rich nutrition.
In addition to it’s easy to take, and is not metamorphic, the best point of raisins is: its taste is so delicious!
Everyone can do raisins in their own home.
Put clean seedless grapes on the sunny windowsill, let it exposure in the sunshine in a couple of weeks or three, making its humidity up to 15%. Four to five kilograms grapes can make a kilogram of raisins.
If you are interested in the making process, can try to do and share them with your friends!

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People are intake of nutrients from food every day. However, some food is called “decrease wisdom food”, people often eat will get stupid. Popcorn, preserved egg, and oil food are typical of the “decrease wisdom food”.
Experts point out that, if food contains lead, aluminum, etc, may cause memory loss, intelligence drops, and thinking slowly. This kind of food includes popcorn, preserved egg, fans, bean jelly, oil food, etc. And some food in order to improve taste and extend the saving time, is added preservatives, pigment, flavorings, etc, which also can be harm to the brain, such as canned food, the caffeinated beverages, bubble gum, and cakes contain artificial pigments, often eating them can make the person appear fidgeting, inattention, memory loss, responding slowly and other problems.
So, what can be eaten is good for intelligence? Expert suggests kelp especially the kelp in deep sea, fermented soya beans, tofu, orange, kiwi, are all very good brain food. Coarse food grain, liver, fish, lean, milk, eggs are rich in folic acid (folic acid food), vitamin (vitamin food) B, calcium (calcium food), and magnesium, which can obviously improve memory, reduce the headache and memory loss that are caused because of using brain, etc.

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Switzerland is the "richest nation" in the world: the average annual income of people is $50000 is the first in the world; the unemployment rate is 3% -4%; every two people have a refrigerator and a car. "We do not have the resources, only have two hands." The rich Swiss put the words as the pet phrase; they advocate natural and simple life.

cooked eggs

The Swiss often drive to the border town in France to choose and buy food, where the price of milk, meat, eggs is less 40% than in Switzerland. Housewife use baskets to buy vegetables, the packages of stores are paper bag.
The water source in Swiss is enough, but people don’t waste a little, all waste must be concentrated to treatment and emissions, the water after purification also is used to wash clothes. Tap rain into cistern through the down-flow pipe to flush the toilet, and wash clothes for use. Swiss mostly use pure wood to decorate residential interior, it’s natural, delicate, and simple, but the quality is good.
Create a new way to cook eggs all around the country: put 1cm deep cold water into deep frying pan, put an egg in the water, once the water boiling, immediately switch off the power supply, and let the waste heat cook eggs, which can save half electric energy than switching off the power until cooked eggs.
In the richest kingdom of world, the Swiss live so thrifty life. Not the minority and not few families do so, but all the people are so. The spirit of Swiss is worthy us study.

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ice crea

In the hot day, eating ice cream is a pleasure thing! But, when you just bite a mouth, suddenly feel headache. Do you eat the wrong ice cream? In fact, not just the ice cream, other cold food also has the same effort. It will happen a series of chain reaction when the extremely cold food or drink touches the base of tongue, the symptoms are called "ice cream headache" in medical.
This kind of headache usually is located in central forehead, general happens after a few seconds of fast eating cold drink, after 30 to 60 seconds, the pain reaches the peak, and also have a few cases duration long time; occasionally can see the report that eating cold drinks cause epilepsy.
Whether patients with migraine headache are more likely to suffer from ice cream headache? The medical has controversial, but compared with in winter, ice cream headache is more likely to happen in hot summer. Some theory thinks that a lot of cold food can lead to the rapid shrinkage and diastolic of sinus capillary, which stimulate the pain receptors, and cause trigeminal neuralgia. Also other theory said that low temperature food lead to the maxillary vasoconstriction blood vessel shrink; pressure sensors on the walls of blood vessels will transfer this change to the brain, the human body adds cerebral blood volume in order to ensure the brain reflective increasing that occur headache.
Whatever the reason of the headache, in hot summer, even want to cool ourselves quickly, try to slow down the eating ice cream speed, be careful eating too much ice cream could cause headaches. For people who have bad intestines and stomach, eat cold drink a lot would also increase the stimulation of the stomach.

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