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 potato chipsFresh potatoes was fried to golden crispy skin, gently bite but found inside delicate fragrant, olive oil aromas and potatoes of fresh sweet to lead to a person to endless aftertaste.
The materials
Main ingredient: potatoes 250 grams, custard powder, egg, salt, sugar, starch, appropriate amount of tomato sauce, and olive oil.
The making practice:
1, peel potatoes and clean it, then cut the potatoes into strips, and put into the bowl, add salt, egg yolks, custard powder and mix well to use.
2, pour the olive oil into the pot, heat the oil, put French fries into oil, and with small fire slowly fry, fry it until the fries is golden, then put on the dish.
3, leave a little oil in the pot, add into tomato sauce and sugar, stir constantly, starch hook into sauce mix with water, put in the dish, with French fries edible.
Many people like to eat French fries, but also worry that eating many French fries is bad for the body. But if you use olive oil, you needn’t be worry, olive oil can resist high temperature even if used to Fried food, also not easy metamorphism, so use olive to fry potato chips, you can rest assured to eat!


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