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United States small steakIn America, many people like eating steak, now I will introduce the method of cooking steak.
Material science: beefsteak
Seasoning: soy sauce 5grams, 3grams of salt, 3grams of chicken powder, black pepper 5grams, 2grams of coriander, garlic tablets 30 grams, red wine 10grams, rosemary 2grams, vanilla powder 2grams, garlic 3grams, butter 20 grams,30 grams of garlic juice.
1. Clean the steak, cut 5cm long, 5cm wide, 0.1cm thick slices, add soy sauce, salt, chicken powder, black pepper, vanilla powder, garlic, coriander, rosemary, red wine, marinated the steak for 12hours,
2. Heat the furnace, then put butter into it and melt with a small fire, put the garlic slice to spread the butter, then directly put the marinated steak on garlic slice, fry it for 3 minutes with small fire, seven or eight when the steak cook and put into the dish, served with garlic sauce, cut in half the crisp vegetables roll.
Little secrets:
Features: black pepper flavor, tender meat.
Note: garlic juice production: soy sauce 20grams, 8grams of garlic, sesame oil 2grams, you mix them well. Crisp food volume production: carrots, lettuce, celery, they were cut silk ( dosage according to the cost to match ), with spring roll skin wrapping cut wire, heat the salad oil, fire it with small fire for 2minutes until the crust is golden and remove.


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