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imp pizza

The creativity of parents in the life also can affect children. For example, when cook a meal, if you join a little originality and small mind, not only you will be happy, people who eat also will be happy. Every day you need to cook, the time of cooking meals every day also is a good time to play small ideas, let your table become a unique food stage. This Halloween festival atmosphere is more and more thick, and we can see everywhere commonly decorations associated with Halloween, Halloween theme of supplies and food. Today use chance of doing lunch, do imp pizza, only more one step than the average pizza, also is when bake pizza, adding a piece of imp formative cheese, let Halloween atmosphere show up on the table.
Pizza wrappers method (twelve parts)
Component 1:2 small spoon yeast, 1 small spoon coarse brown sugar, 4/3 cups of warm water 45 degrees or so
Component 2:3/4 small spoon of salt, 3 cups of flour,
Component 3: 3 big spoons of olive oil, 1/2 spoon of the basil, 1/2 small spoon of oregano, the quarter of small spoon of garlic powder
Component 4: a little olive oil, a little garlic powder
1. Mixed component 1, place at least ten minutes. Mix well component 3, pour into component 2, blending, rub into dough with the hands, and the dough does not glue the hand. Put the dough in a greased container, and cover wet cloth fermentation 1 hour.
2. When the dough is fermentation well, use rolling pin to roll thin wrappers, secondary fermentation 20 minutes, plug out a lot of holes on the surface with plastic forks (don’t touch non-stick layer of pan).
3. Mix well component 4, evenly brush on pizza skin surface. Preheat oven to 400F, put pizza skin into it to roast 5 minutes.
In addition, the dough is fermentation once after the night, on this morning, takes out of from the fridge, roll two dough that has been fermentation, not to add nothing, fry them with pan.

Pizza wrappers method
Pizza sauce practice:
18 ounce of tomato puree, 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese, a tablespoon of garlic powder, 1/3 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon of anchovy (optional), 2 tablespoons of onion powder, 3/4 small spoon dried oregano, 3/4 small spoon dry basil, 3/4 small spoon grinding pepper, 1/2 small spoon paprika, salt.
1. Cut up tomatoes, make into tomato puree with blender. Mix all seasoning to tomato puree, quiet place with 30 minutes again.
Note: can also use ready-made tomato sauce, then in accordance with the original prescription to add water.
The practice of imp modeling pizza
Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, Mexico type four kind of cheese mixture, cookie cutter with imp modeling, black olives.
1. Smear tomato sauce on pizza crust, and spread on cheese silk, bake 15 minutes with 425F, remove pizza.
2. Cut Mozzarella cheese into imp modeling using cookie cutter, cut black olive into small pieces to do imp eyes. Put imp formative cheese placed on the pizza, continue to roast 3-5 minutes with 425F to cheese melting a little. After baked, you can eat.

Pizza sauce practice
A simple step can produce a lot of change and fun, let the table vivid. Oh! Creativity can’t sacrifice the nutrition and taste of food, this is very important.


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Material: 9 cupcakes, chocolate sauce 80grams, 18 pieces of chocolate chip cookies, 27 chocolate chips
The decoration method of owl:
1. Prepare materials, after the baked cupcakes becoming room temperature, they can be used to decorate. Chocolate sauce is placed at room temperature over 30min.
2. Smear chocolate sauce, first squeeze the chocolate sauce on cupcakes surface, and smooth the surface of the chocolate sauce with a small spatula.
3. Owl Eyes, split the chocolate biscuits from the middle, exposing the middle white sandwich.
4. Paste the chocolate chips, smear a small amount of chocolate sauce in a side of chocolate beans, paste in white biscuit sandwich in step 3.
5. Owl ears, take a small amount of breaking off pieces of the biscuits, dip a small amount of chocolate sauce to paste on cupcakes in step 2.
6. Sticky eyes, apply a small amount of chocolate sauce in the back of the biscuits, and paste to the surface of the cake sauce.
7. Stick mouth. Take an orange chocolate bean to paste in the mouth of the position.
8. Another method to make owl ears. Pasting the ears, there is a method in addition to the method of step 5. Another method is using clean scissors to cut out the shape of the ear.
9. As mentioned above, paste the eyes and mouth, complete.

the process
1. Cupcakes are suitable to decorate a variety of creative cakes, so if you learn to make cupcakes, you can creat all kinds of cakes. The practice here is little different from common muffins cupcakes, taking sub-egg method, though it is a bit trouble, the produced cake is more fluffy, and tastes well. Adding butter makes the cake become more “power” after cooling to lift up cream, cookies, and other materials used to decoration.
2. In step 8 of making cupcakes, because in egg yolk has butter, it is the density, and the flour is more fluffy, so stir the flour and egg yolk is a more difficult thing, but be patient to stir them are no problem, do not be discouraged.
3. Chocolate sauce used to decorate owl can choose to the sauce for dipping the bread, can also make black cream to substitute.
4. This creative cupcake is the exclusive cakes of Halloween, so a lot of the material is chosen from the common orange. Such as orange owl mouth.

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How to make Cupcakes
3 egg white, 40grams of sugar(is used in egg white), 3 egg yolks, 50g of sugar (is used in egg yolk) , 25g of milk, 75grams of butter, cake powder 100 grams,
50 grams of cocoa powder, baking powder 7.5g.
Baking time and temperature: are respectively 180 degrees and 25 minutes
Finished products: Doing 9 cupcakes with 7cm diameter
The process of making cupcakes:
1. Weigh the various materials. After removing the egg white, egg yolks, milk, and butter from the refrigerator, put them in room temperature 1 hour.
2. Stir butter, stir the butter in the first container with manual eggbeater, make it smooth like silk.
3. Add in sugar (egg yolk). Continue to stir butter until butter whitening.
4. Add the first egg yolk. Continue to stir well.
5. Take turn to add into the second and third egg yolk. After mixing well an egg yolk then to add the next to stir.
6. Add into milk. Stir.
7. Sieve the flour into them. Sieve the cake flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together in egg yolks liquid in step 6.
8. Stirring. Use scraper to stir with cutting and turning out to avoid flour gluten.
9. Put aside the battery for later use. Stirred batter should be smooth and supple.

making process
10. Stir egg white protein (first egg into sugar), stir egg white with an eggbeater until it forming big bubble, and then add into 1/3 of the amount of sugar (protein), continue to stir.
11. Stir egg white (the second time to add into sugar). When the protein became thick, add into 1/3 of the sugar (protein) and stir.
12. Stir the protein (the third time to add into sugar). When eggbeater sweep the egg white surface leaving visible traces, add into the rest of the sugar and continue to stir.
13. Observe whether the egg white can move in a basin. If you cannot move, is about to be into the stage of wet foam.
14. Wet foaming. As shown, lift the top of eggbeater, tip of egg white is short and slightly bent, means that it is into the stage of wet foaming.You need to continue stirring.
15. Dry foaming. As shown, lift the top of eggbearter, tip of egg white is short, straight and not bend, means it is in the stage of drying foaming. The process of stirring egg white is completed.
16. Mix egg white and egg yolk liquid. First preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Then take 1/3 of the egg white into the egg yolk of step 9, stirring with a spatula, cut and turn method to mix.
17. Mixing continued. Put the mixed liquid of step 17 into the remainder of the egg white, stir evenly.
18. Put the cake batter into paper cups with spoon, and then bake in baking oven, 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

making process

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cashews fried diced chickenCooking materials (three people can eat): chicken fillet 350grams, cashew nuts 132grams, onion 1/4, an onion, two pieces of ginger, 15 chilli
soy sauce 1/2 TPS
Fish sauce 1/3 TPS
Cornstarch 1/2 TPS
Oil 1 TPS
An egg white
A bowl of oil,
Soy sauce 1/2 TPS,
Oyster sauce 1/3 TPS,
Fish sauce 1/2 TPS,
Sugar 1/5 TPS,
Cooking wine 1/3 TPS,
Chili oil 1 TPS,
Sesame oil 1 / 3 TPS,
White pepper 1/6 TPS
Production process:
1, clean the chicken fillet and dice, add 1/2 tps soy sauce, 1/3 tps fish sauce, 1/2 tps cornstarch, 1 tps oil and an egg, mix well and marinate for 15 minutes.
2, wash clean onions and peel, cut into pieces; remove the head of onions and wash clean the end, then cut into sections; peel ginger and cut into pieces.
3, heat a bowl of oil in pot, pour into diced chicken and fry for 10 minutes, until the diced chicken is golden yellow, remove and drain the oil to put aside.
4, clean wok, put into 2 tps oil in it and heat the oil, add into chili, onion, ginger and onion, heat with small fire until smell the flavor.
5, pour into the diced chicken and mix well, add 1/2 tps soy sauce, 1/3 tps oyster sauce 1/2 tps fish sauce, 1/5 tps sugar, 1/3 tps cooking wine, a tps chili oil, 1/3 tps sesame oil, 1/6 tps white pepper and 5 tps of water to stir well until tasty.
6, pour cashew nut into pot, stir with the ingredients together in pot, until well can be on the disc.
1, when fry the diced chicken, should constantly flappinofcopper in order to avoid the diced chicken sticking pan and can also be allowed to fried evenly and thoroughly.
2, when fry diced chicken, should dry the water of pan and shovel, avoid showings burning person.
3, cashews should be fried to flavor, and then put into diced chicken to stir together, so the cashew nut will be delicious.
4, when fry the diced chicken, the frying time should not be too long or the taste is not well, once the color becomes, can remove out of the pot.


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Animal food generally has fishy smell material, especially the smell of aquatic products. The smell will enhance with the lower of freshness of food, these peculiar smell material not only makes people nausea, also causes harm to human body health after eating. When cooking, there are many methods to remove the smell, can according to the peculiar smell degree of material, take some measures to achieve the purpose of remove the fishy smell.
Neutralize the fishy smell
Animal food raw material contains a lot of protein and amino acid, lecithin, and other nutrients, because of the environment and function of their own bacteria, will produce various fishy smell substances, when cook, add adequate vinegar to neutralize, make it form acetic acid salts, which will greatly weaken the fishy smell. In addition, the tomato sauce contains citric acid, malic acid, and other organic acid, also can remove the smell, of course, directly cook fish and meat with tomatoes, have the same effect.
2, use wine to remove the smell
Some alkaline smell material with low boiling point, cannot use the neutralization way, can use alcohol that can dissolve the smell and volatile, after heated the fish and meat, the smell will be removed. At the same time alcohol also can produce reaction with aldehyde in the material, which can generate aroma combining with organic produced esters; both can make the dishes to remove smell and increase incense. So, cooking fish and meat, the wine and vinegar is necessary.

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