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Many people like to eat seafood; especially those in the sea friend every day can eat seafood, today I’ll tell you about the way of American seafood Fried rice.
The materials: pork20 grams, chicken leg 20grams, clam 2grain, shrimp 2tail, tomato 10grams, green pepper 10grams, red bell pepper 10 grams, onions 10grams, garlic 5grams, long rice 200 grams, chicken stock 400ml, 20ml olive oil, salt. seafood Fried rice
The making process:
1. Pour 20ml the heated olive oil into pan, then add the pork, chicken leg to the pan, fire them with big fire until their color become white.
2. Put garlic, onion, green pepper, tomato, red bell pepper into pan and stir together even, add long rice and stir evenly to oil bright.
3. Join 100ml the sold chicken stock, fried roll the juice to add clams ang shrimp, and stir, then add a little salt to taste.
4. Get a foil and cover in the pan surface, turn down the heat and simmer about 20 minutes (need to turn over the foil and stirring every five minutes once, and add into the 100ml sold chicken stock and mix well, a total of three times), until rice is done with the juice.
The making process is very simple and the taste is delicious, so you can have a try.


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