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Whisky is made of barley, corn, and rye which are as raw material, after fermentation and distillation, put in the old barrel to fermentation. In the world, many countries and regions have distillery producing whisky, the most famous and the most representative of whisky is respectively Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, the United States whiskey and Canadian whisky four major categories, the next will introduce you these their respective characteristics of four categories.
Scotch whisky: it is provenance in Scotland, and is made barley that is dried and baked with peat to produce unique fragrance. The brewing process has six procedures, namely: soak the barley in water, sprout, stoving, drying, crushing malt, put into the tank and add sugar, put into the barrel to join yeast to fermentation and distillation twice, aging, mixed. At least storage 8 years, 15 ~ 20 years is the best quality product wine, more than 20 years the quality will decline, color is brown with red, clear and bright, burnt smell, and strong smoke.

whiskyThe United States whiskey: the corn and other grains are as raw materials, originally produced in the southern United States, the brewing raw material is corn with barley, after fermentation and distillation, put in the smoked oak barrel to brew 4 ~ 8 years. When bottling, add a certain amount of distilled water to dilution, the American whiskey has no strong bright smoke of Scotch whisky, but has unique oak aromas.
Irish whiskey: it is soft, as if combustion in the mouth. It is originally produced in Ireland, is made with wheat, barley, rye, and other malt as raw materials. After three times distillation, put into the barrel to aging, general need 8 to 15 years. When bottling, mix water to dilution. Because the raw materials don’t be baked by peat, so there is no burnt flavor, taste is softer, it is suitable to make mixed wine and drink with other drinks.
Canadian whisky: mainly consists of rye, corn and barley, adopt the secondary distillation, storage in barrel 4 years, 6 years, 7 years, and 10 years. Before sale, need to blend. Canadian whisky is odor and relaxed, light taste, and cool; so many North American people love this wine.


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The hot summer has arrived, at this time, you must hope to be able to find a kind of food not only can keep beauty also can prevent bask. Here, I recommend to you the watermelon. Watermelon is not dear, in the summer most people like eating watermelon. The ultraviolet ray is very strong in summer, people’s skin is relatively delicate, at this moment if we eat watermelon, not only can add loss of water, still can effectively prevent ultraviolet irradiation. The drink, in addition to the use of the watermelon, also the use of the milk, which is the beauty product we all know. The watermelon skin can be used to wipe out skin that can make our skin more white and delicate, isn’t it a watermelon has a variety of applications?

milk watermelon drink
The materials: milk 100grams, watermelon 100grams, a little ice
The making process:
1, chop the watermelon
2, squeeze the watermelon into juice
3, take a cup, add ice into it, and then pour into the milk
4, add slowly watermelon juice into the cup.
1, you had better choose the sweet taste milk, if is pure milk, may not form a layer.
2, also can add a little peach juice.
The Practice is both simple and good, so hurry to try it.

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