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chicken riceWhen I just began to work, I usually felt very tired, once I came back, I am often lazy to move and also don’t want to go out to eat, when I can’t stand the hungry, I can do this simple and delicious American chicken rice.
The materials
Ingredients: an United States chicken leg (here general chicken leg also can), 20grams of pork piece, a quarter onion, two eggs, a bowl of rice
Sauce: right amount sugar and soy sauce, a cup of water, a cup of rice wine
Marinade: a spoon of corn flour, four points a cup of soy sauce, four points a cup of rice wine
The cooking process:
1, after removed the bones of chicken leg, cut it into small piece, then add soy sauce, rice wine (each quarter spoon), a spoon of corn flour into chicken slices and chicken leg meat, marinate for 10 minutes.
2, the onion half-and-half shred into filamentous, then beat the eggs. Set aside.
3, pour the chicken leg butyl and pork, onion, sauce into a pan, cook them.
4, pour the egg juice into pan, and then cover the pan, after cook for about 15 minutes, turn off the fire.
5, finally cover on the white rice.
Now you chicken legs rice is finished, you can enjoy it.


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