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Summer is the season of eating seafood, especially the people living in the sea, every day they can eat a variety of seafood, once think of that, I’ll be secretion of saliva, so I try to do this French oyster soup.

French oyster soup
The materials: 20 oyster, half of cup white wine, 3 big spoons of cream, half cup flour, 3 cups of milk, 2 cups of chicken stock, half cup whipped cream, some of salt and pepper
The making process:
(1) Clean the oyster and drain the water, then put the oyster in the soup pot, add half cup of white grape wine, cover the pot with lid, cook them with small fire about 2 minutes, if find the soup become a little, can add a little water. Remove it and turn off fire, spare.
(2) Preheat the pot, add into butter, then turn to small fire, and add the flour, fry it evenly, add milk, chicken stock and seasonings, and turn to medium fire until the soup boiling, then add into the oyster soup that you cook according to the first step and whipped cream, mix them evenly, and then put into the soup plate.
This soup is so delicious; in hot day drinking it you will have a good mood.


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