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Potato chips

Potato chips
Potato chips is very delicious, who did invent it? It is said that it was first invented in the hot spring of Saratoga in New York State in 1853. Some rich people often went to the hot spring to a hotel called the moon lake to go on holiday; there was a native called George Crum do the chef in the kitchen.
One day, a guest a few times put his Fried potato chips back to the kitchen and asked to cut the potatoes much thinner, fried it a bit longer. George had a bad temper, decided to small punish the hate diner. So he cut the potatoes very thin, fried them crisp, and curls, and then add the salt. He thought this time the guest would not want to eat. The result is surprising, the guest actually was very satisfied, and ordered the other.
Now the United States consume 370137600kilograms of potato chips each year. After consumption 1573084800000kg potato chips, potato chips become the first fast food in American.

The sandwich
The sandwich
Do you know the sandwich was invented at a poker table? England John Montag Earl of sandwich IV was busy gambling. He had been staying at a poker table for 24 hours, in order to be able one side to eat, the other side could have free hand to continue to gambling, and he asked the waiter to put the meat placed between some pieces of bread, so the sandwich was invented.


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