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ChocolateChocolate has been regarded as a kind of pleasant food, although it is high sugar and high fat food, but we are hard to resist its delicious. Chocolate dipping in milk is always the traditional eating method to enjoy the food, and now in food boundary, appears new method to eat it subversion the traditional way.
According to the Italian Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) reported recently, the international cooking school that is subordinate to the famous Italian Ettori Maorana science and Culture Research Center the gourmet Trapani in Sicily province said, the traditional way of eating chocolate dipping in milk is very nutritious but too sweet greasy, from food point of view, this eating way cannot reflect all delicious of chocolate. Therefore, the gourmets suggested, more delicious eating way is to sip a little champagne before eating chocolate, it can make the sour of champagne neutralize too thick sweet taste of chocolate, if do that will achieve more wonderful effect. At that time, the chocolate people are familiar with will send out a kind of novel taste different from previous.
Certainly, you can have a try, or you will like that taste.


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DeLafee Edible Gold Chocolate
If you think chocolate fashion color is black and white, it would be a big mistake. The DeLafee chocolate tells you, the gold can make people screamed and amazing when open. If you are looking forward to tasting the delicious gold-plated world delicacy, then 24 K gold foil DeLafee will make you subdued. The production raw materials are from the famous cocoa producing area Criollo and Forestero, all are high quality of the cocoa powder. When you taste, can add a little gold bright color on your lip, which is sweet and beautiful fashionable enjoyment. This type of DeLafee golden chocolate is $508 per pound, its meaning is to hope people who enjoy it can be sweet like chocolate, and precious like gold.
Exquisite chocolate (Petits Richart)
Richart chocolate that was produced by France was once rated as "the most beautiful chocolate in the world" by the British media, and in Richart all luxury chocolate collection, Petits Richart occupies important position. Elaborate wooden box contains seven inside box, all have Richart senior chocolate; altogether 112 pieces, delicate, exquisite and lovely, is filled with artistic breath everywhere, its price is 850 dollars. Brand founder think, Richart first is a design company, and then is the chocolate company; and this Petits Richart will also be an art. In addition, Petits Richart is made by high quality of cocoa powder from Criollo in Venezuela, also blended in unique exotic vanilla herb raw materials of Richart. Flavorful chocolate and aromatic meticulous materials make people remember it for a long time. And, its delicate packing can be as collection by many people.

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 Noka Dark Chocolate

Noka Dark Chocolate
The Noka Dark Chocolate which is made by Noka chocolate is 845 dollars per pound; the price of La Madeline Au Truffle is far ahead, Noka Dark Chocolate is only second, it’s no influence in its pure and nobility. Noka Dark Chocolate is famous for delicacy and the health in the world, this kind of monophyletic chocolate, cocoa source is single, no milk and other ingredients; The Texas manufacturers only use the cocoa that is produced by specific areas or countries, such as Ecuador, Venezuela, Ivory coast and Trinidad, in which the cocoa content is more than 75%. At the same time, it also resolutely put an end to add any additives and spices, in order to ensure the most authentic chocolate flavor. On the outer packing box of chocolate has Noka classic sign. If you are very fascinated in luxury snack, then must not miss Noka Dark Chocolate.
Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate
The visionary restaurant in New York creates the most expensive chocolate dessert in the world; in 2007, this kind of dessert was elected the world’s most expensive desserts, is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. This kind of dessert gold foil chocolate actually is a kind of drink, which lead a person to endless aftertastes. As long as you are willing to spend $25000, you can enjoy a cup of special concentration adhesion chocolate. In addition, in order to make the $25000 more signification, you will see the one carat diamond gold key, and the ornate gold key and white diamond chain, after you enjoy gold foil chocolate drinks, also can take away for memory. In the face of such an extremely delicious, believe that no one can resist the temptation. But, are you willing to spend 25000 dollars drinking a cup of hot cocoa?

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Although the chocolate now is very common, it is also produced in a lot of places, almost can be bought, the origin of chocolate was very early, it was originated from the Aztecs and the Mayan ancient cultures and custom. At that time it was the society worship of chocolate, in a formal ceremony, the two kinds of culture both recommended to use chocolate as drinking. And, at that time value and position of cocoa were unique; the scientific name Theobroma is the meaning of "the gods drink". In fact, the Aztecs once demanded cocoa this sophisticated "tribute" of the conquered territory. The industrial revolution in Europe made the chocolate widely be known, until now the chocolate still has unique charm. But today, as a special fancy hospitality delicious, the value of chocolate is being rediscovered. The following are the main examples of chocolate renaissance.
La Madeline Au Truffle
The most expensive Truffle chocolate in the world is $2600 per pound, La Madeline Au Truffle was designed and made by by world famous chocolate maker Flitz who is from Denmark, the design and ingredients are both unique. Rare French black truffle with a layer of delicious fafner dark chocolate, and thick fresh butter, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla, which form the incomparable world delicious; only a little, can let you be intoxicated in this sweet world.

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Truffle chocolate is popular in many people, because its appearance is similar to French famous “truffle”; its name is from this. It sounds like very mysterious, but actually it is also very simple to make.
Raw material: (can do about 25)
Dark chocolate 200g, 60g fresh cream, 30g butter, cocoa powder 20g. (these can be purchased on the market)
1 First chop 150g chocolate, lie between water melting, water temperature is not more than 50 degrees, containers should be clean and no water. Join fresh cream into liquid chocolate, one side and stirring until mixed, then add the small pieces of butter, thoroughly mix well. Then remove them and refrigerate 2-3 hours, or cold storage for the night.

2. When solution refrigeration hardens, dig a small with small spoon, and make kinds of shapes you want by your hands, for example, circular shape.

3. The shapes are done well, circular or other random shapes. And then take another small vessel, join the rest of the 50g chopped chocolate, lie between water melting, temperatures is the same with that of your hand, add to the ball, roll a circle immediately and be out.

4. Threw it into the cocoa powder, rapidly roll a circle. Or you use other larger container, put less cocoa, and then throw the ball with chocolate liquid directly into the rapidly shaking container, make the ball full of cocoa powder. For a while, when the chocolate solidification, remove the outer thicker cocoa powder, put them into the dish.
Is it simple? You can have a try.

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