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owl cupcakes

The origin of this desserts
The owl is one of the symbols of Halloween fantasy and horror. Every time the night strikes before Halloween, whether this sharp eyes and clever brain of owl is the ghost, zombie, witch, and black cat accomplice or night watchman of kids holding lights to cruise? The answer is just a legend … this dessert is the exclusive food of Halloween – owl cupcakes, in the eve of Halloween, whether you are afraid of it, or love it, it will give you a sense of a mysterious cute feeling and a rich chocolate fragrance.
The old legend of Halloween and owl
We are all familiar with the origin of the jack-o’-lantern and Halloween. Whether terrorist or mysterious, Halloween theme is always the specter and ghosts. Most of them appear at night, wandering ghost, floating ghost, riding a broom of witch, the bloody mouth ghoul, owl in the tree, zombies and skeletons in the cemetery, radish lights and pumpkin lights …
The Superstition about around the owl has a long and ancient history, so these nocturnal animals often appear in the horror film and the suspense film, and has been linked closely with the darkness. Today, the owl appears in hundreds of Halloween decorations, such as paper-cut of owl shape, clothing, masks, candle holders and tablecloths. In the fall of each year, they are decorated with Halloween, leaving a memorable night theme.
Exposure these mysterious colors, the owl is a good friend of our humanity, help us prevent and cure plant diseases and insect pests, control mice, moles, weasels, snakes. Oh, “cat” (falcon) and “rat” are always inseparable from each other.


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