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double-layer steamed milk

The materials
Raw materials: a large bowl of milk (about 400ml), only two egg white, two spoons of sugar (or don’t take sugar put condensed milk, it will be more sweet)
The making process:
1) Pour the milk into the pot, just boil it (if boil long time, will break down protein), and then pour into a large bowl, then can see surface of milk have a layer skin on boiled milk.
2) Take a large empty bowl, and put into two egg white (I think we all know how to separate egg white and egg yolk), add two spoons of sugar, and stir them until the sugar dissolved (don’t stir too long, or the egg becomes the bubble)
3) After the milk cooled, use the chopsticks to pierce the skin on the boiled milk, then slowly pour milk into the large bowl with egg white, stir well, and then slowly pour back the bowl left the skin on the boiled milk along the bowl edge, can see the skin on the boiled milk floating.
4) At last, place the milk in pan, lie between water and pan, steam about ten minutes, use chopsticks pierce the middle of it, no milk flows, means you accomplish!
Secret: 1. use full fat milk, the higher the fat content, the better; 2. After boiling milk, should wait for a moment to make milk skin have time to fully condense; 3. Stew it with small fire, the milk is just condensed to shut off fire, or the taste will not be very well.


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Whenever I walk before the bakery shop, I always smell the sweet smell, so I always cannot help to go in, but the price is too expensive, eating a little bigger bread is equal to eating a meal when I was a student, puff is also too small, and is still very expensive, but it’s so delicious. So today I will try to do the puff.
Puff skins every weight 20g and need 30
The materials:
Puff batter 187grams, salt 3grams, salad oil 112grams, bread flour 150grams, and egg 270grams
Adornment: right amount color sugar grain
Making process:
1. Put water, salt, salad oil into the pan, and heat them; then pour the bread flour, mix them quickly, until they become the batter.
2. The batter cooled to about 60℃, then add egg to the batter for three times and stir until smooth and triangle is on the contrary.
3. Put the batter into piping bag, squeeze round puff skin, the diameter is about 2 cm, before baked, sprinkle water on the surface of the puff skin.
4. The oven temperature: 180℃, and bake for about 20 minutes.
5. On the surface of a little puff, brush a layer of fructose; sprinkle the color sugar grain on it.
The making process is very simple, you can have a try.

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