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June, meaning summer and getting stronger, drag Dress up this season’s most indispensable element – the word, in fact, and T-shirts, but also in the case of the “civilians” in the fashion element, the “free and loose” barbiturate piercing type, probably still feel a bit. Otherwise, I become a market stall fish lady, a bit below the glasses.
In fact, as long as the flip flops design itself well, no matter tall, short, fat, thin can wear clothing with the stylish, wear clothing with big, this sold on crazy FADMAD of sandals you through this?
The dazzling series herringbone prominent beautiful toes FADMAD drag, fine workmanship, filling the mysterious temptation of color in the natural light. The design concept is that a prominent personality, distinctive, highlight the whims of the overall shape of the natural and casual. Headed to Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Beyonce, Victoria, Faye Wong popular idol prefer this fashion a single product with a strong sense of design.
Cover dazzling series of Flip-Flops also innovative to be added in the shoe natural spices added a ray of sexy fragrance for your feet.
FADMAD dazzling series sandals each uppers mosaic 20 sparkling rhinestones elegant shape crystal clear colours.
It uses imported environmental material, the U.S. big Michael Kors original substrate, 100% recyclable. Ergonomic design, soft and comfortable to wear.White purity
Minimalism minimalist fashion, cool flavor, a kind of low-key luxury and temperament, and this is exactly what Hollywood stars are now popular fashion trend.
FADMAD adhering to the philosophy: to pierce your personality, piercing your charm, wear clothing that belongs to you with a comfortable and easy to enjoy it a secret landscape!
Sandals, at the foot of the star became a beautiful fashion, you have to try it!

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Has been advocated to reshape the modern trend of the elements classic century British footwear brand Clarks, the new 2013 spring and summer looking for creative inspiration from life continues superb shoe technology, stylish and retro design embodies the perfect fusion of gorgeous the agitation of the printing and colorful interpretation of the head “type walking shoes played the song” theme.

From London building outline draw inspiration Modern Metropolis presents a minimalist style of the early spring with the sexual freedom, express a urban fashion women elegant charm; the classic the process reengineering England fashion model, leather weaving and hollow details with soft contour of each other; fashion Carnival Fun elements of color, texture, stripes boldly, wake up the skies of the summer, set aside the life bound to set foot on the scene in mid-summer trip.

Foot makes walking and standing long a lot of pain, fatigue and even more of a pain, especially for women often wear high heels. However, Clarks Plus technology by footsteps thumb joint area double density cushioning system to help foot to conduct the push of natural central motor, thereby reducing the pressure of the foot to enhance comfort for you to create a comfortable and stylish, dynamic experience.

This article is from: http://www.feetsty.com/clarks-2013-spring-and-summer-shoes-new-series

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Appearance, Sony J20216CCW using one computer and tablet design philosophy, outside which looks like a queen tablet with stent, with a beautiful chocolate an external keyboard, compact and beautiful, fashionable, the Sony J20216CCW paragraph one complementing body back shell is white color, the front-end display border was black, while the back of the bracket you choose a metallic silver color, the three reasonable mix it overall kept simple, stylish aesthetic. Configuration, Sony J20216CCW one computer on the third-generation 22nm process technology Intel Core i3 3217U dual-core processor, clocked at 1800MHz. Built-in 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive and integrated Intel HD4000 core graphics
Screen size 20-inch LED capacitive screen with a resolution of 1600×900, 16:9 wide ratio with LED backlight technology to support multi-touch, combined with win8 system better touch operational experience will be very good.
In addition, Sony J20216CCW one computer is still on the screen, integrated 1.3 megapixel camera, and built-in high fidelity speakers, simple and convenient, the sound quality are excellent. Built-in 802.11 b / g / n Wireless LAN 1000Mbps Ethernet card and a multi-in-1 card reader, 2 USB3.0 interfaces, and comes standard with a wireless keyboard and wireless laser mouse, and pre-installed Windows 8 operating systems.

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Lenovo S770 I3 3220 is designed for small and medium enterprises users tailor a mainstream commercial one machine, its appearance is flamboyant, bold firm performance, innovative touch applications freely. Appearance to break the traditional use of the original desktop with monitor mode, compact body and unique, to meet user needs of small office space, and can save up to 70% of the desktop space, can easily be placed in any office environment without crowding out work space, both the company and the front desk staff station, or various types of meeting rooms able to fully reflect the Lenovo Yang days S770 series one advantage of the desktop, but also very suitable for business users.
Today, the perfect balance of business with the stylish, powerful performance and simple design, is the IT products to the pursuit of the ultimate goal. Yangtze S770 With its powerful performance, stylish minimalist look to bring the best user experience. For example, Yangtian S770 I3 3220 of the international design team effort to build a sleek appearance, order glossy LED-LCD screen to bring better visual effects, strength comparable with desktop computers fully meet the IT needs of business users. The screen uses the unique best results capacitive touch technology, positioning accuracy, fluency, needs to meet specific application scenarios; support Xiangkuang lift base display cantilever, wall, including a variety of suspension, the convenience of users in different usage scenarios.
Configuration, the Lenovo Yang days S770 I3 3220 uses Intel’s second-generation Smart Core i3-3220 dual-core processor, 4GB DDR3 memory, SATA 1T (7200 rpm) hard drive and the SATA Slim Rambo CD-ROM drive, with a 21.5-inch widescreen LED display and supports multi-touch operation, excellent office touch experience with the Windows 8 interface. The machine uses the HD7650A 2G graphics card not only meet the needs of business users with the appearance of higher quality. At the same time bring the imagination of high-performance computing experience! Addition integrated 802.11n Wireless LAN / Bluetooth 2.0 speakers, microphone and webcam, a power cord to complete all connections, the use of simple and quick, pre-installed Genuine Windows 8 version.
In addition, the Lenovo Yang days S770 series also built “Yangtian Newell Center, a variety of small and medium enterprises commonly used application software for the desktop integration, including” any door “, a key recovery, file shredder, online consultant, Kingdee Friends of the provider network, New Oriental e enterprises learn classic application. The online consultant is “small but strong” IT solutions, small investment, complete functions and services, and strong adaptability.The Kingdee YouShang Online Accounting, Online invoicing, online customer management eight functions to achieve inter-enterprise e-commerce and corporate internal management system seamlessly.

This article is from: http://www.comknows.com/lenovo-s770-i3-3220

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