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cashews fried diced chickenCooking materials (three people can eat): chicken fillet 350grams, cashew nuts 132grams, onion 1/4, an onion, two pieces of ginger, 15 chilli
soy sauce 1/2 TPS
Fish sauce 1/3 TPS
Cornstarch 1/2 TPS
Oil 1 TPS
An egg white
A bowl of oil,
Soy sauce 1/2 TPS,
Oyster sauce 1/3 TPS,
Fish sauce 1/2 TPS,
Sugar 1/5 TPS,
Cooking wine 1/3 TPS,
Chili oil 1 TPS,
Sesame oil 1 / 3 TPS,
White pepper 1/6 TPS
Production process:
1, clean the chicken fillet and dice, add 1/2 tps soy sauce, 1/3 tps fish sauce, 1/2 tps cornstarch, 1 tps oil and an egg, mix well and marinate for 15 minutes.
2, wash clean onions and peel, cut into pieces; remove the head of onions and wash clean the end, then cut into sections; peel ginger and cut into pieces.
3, heat a bowl of oil in pot, pour into diced chicken and fry for 10 minutes, until the diced chicken is golden yellow, remove and drain the oil to put aside.
4, clean wok, put into 2 tps oil in it and heat the oil, add into chili, onion, ginger and onion, heat with small fire until smell the flavor.
5, pour into the diced chicken and mix well, add 1/2 tps soy sauce, 1/3 tps oyster sauce 1/2 tps fish sauce, 1/5 tps sugar, 1/3 tps cooking wine, a tps chili oil, 1/3 tps sesame oil, 1/6 tps white pepper and 5 tps of water to stir well until tasty.
6, pour cashew nut into pot, stir with the ingredients together in pot, until well can be on the disc.
1, when fry the diced chicken, should constantly flappinofcopper in order to avoid the diced chicken sticking pan and can also be allowed to fried evenly and thoroughly.
2, when fry diced chicken, should dry the water of pan and shovel, avoid showings burning person.
3, cashews should be fried to flavor, and then put into diced chicken to stir together, so the cashew nut will be delicious.
4, when fry the diced chicken, the frying time should not be too long or the taste is not well, once the color becomes, can remove out of the pot.



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Whisky is made of barley, corn, and rye which are as raw material, after fermentation and distillation, put in the old barrel to fermentation. In the world, many countries and regions have distillery producing whisky, the most famous and the most representative of whisky is respectively Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, the United States whiskey and Canadian whisky four major categories, the next will introduce you these their respective characteristics of four categories.
Scotch whisky: it is provenance in Scotland, and is made barley that is dried and baked with peat to produce unique fragrance. The brewing process has six procedures, namely: soak the barley in water, sprout, stoving, drying, crushing malt, put into the tank and add sugar, put into the barrel to join yeast to fermentation and distillation twice, aging, mixed. At least storage 8 years, 15 ~ 20 years is the best quality product wine, more than 20 years the quality will decline, color is brown with red, clear and bright, burnt smell, and strong smoke.

whiskyThe United States whiskey: the corn and other grains are as raw materials, originally produced in the southern United States, the brewing raw material is corn with barley, after fermentation and distillation, put in the smoked oak barrel to brew 4 ~ 8 years. When bottling, add a certain amount of distilled water to dilution, the American whiskey has no strong bright smoke of Scotch whisky, but has unique oak aromas.
Irish whiskey: it is soft, as if combustion in the mouth. It is originally produced in Ireland, is made with wheat, barley, rye, and other malt as raw materials. After three times distillation, put into the barrel to aging, general need 8 to 15 years. When bottling, mix water to dilution. Because the raw materials don’t be baked by peat, so there is no burnt flavor, taste is softer, it is suitable to make mixed wine and drink with other drinks.
Canadian whisky: mainly consists of rye, corn and barley, adopt the secondary distillation, storage in barrel 4 years, 6 years, 7 years, and 10 years. Before sale, need to blend. Canadian whisky is odor and relaxed, light taste, and cool; so many North American people love this wine.

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Dinner in the sky, are everywhere in the world

Dining in the skyHave you ever thought eating in the midair of Paris, Brussels and Dubai? Dinner in the sky can help you to do. In the restaurant has a table weighed 7 tons, and can sit 22 people; it is lift up through the crane, hovering in the 165 – foot – high sky. But if you want to eat this meal, not only have money, but also have the time. The whole process will take eight hours, , it will take two hours in rising up, so you must remember to go to the toilet before rising up. Although go down only need a minute, a person wants to come down, all must follow down.
The Supperclub, in San Francisco, Amsterdam, etc

The SupperclubHere, the top dishes, design and performing perfectly combine together. The four dishes restaurant provides are all to be eaten in bed. When the guests drink a little aperitif, the waiter who dresses in bright costumes, golden shoes, and blonde wig will lead the guest to corresponding seat in bed. All beds are located in all around the house. When you taste wild mushroom pie in bed, at the same time, local artists perform in the middle of the room, and have massage to massage.
Fortezza Medicea restaurant, in Volterra town of Italy
This restaurant was opened in 2006, is located in prison with the history of 500 years outside of Pizza. Most of the cook, waiter and sommeliers were convicted of 25 years of imprisonment and even life imprisonment prisoners. Before going into, the guests need to be security checked strictly, mobile phones must be handed over, even the tableware are made of plastic.
Pomze restaurant, in Paris
The peculiar place of this restaurant is: all food is related with apple. In this restaurant has t rich classic amorous feelings, you can drink cold hot and sour soup with green apple juice, also can go downstairs to have a closer look at the apple wine cellar. In the wine cellar has many apple wine, the most famous is the unfermented apple wine shipped from Brittany peninsula, which is made by the green apple juice and polish vodka, in addition, here also has apple brandy.

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Dans le Noir restaurant, in London, New York, Paris, etc
This is a darkness restaurant, you can’t see something when eat, which can let you have deeper experience to blindness and taste. Before entering “darkroom” can accommodate 60 people, you can drink cocktail in light shining bar and lounge with companion. When you sit to the table and ready for breakfast, all the lights went out. There are a lot of darkness restaurant in the world, New York, Montreal, Zurich, Berlin and cologne, Hamburg, Paris, Moscow and other cities all have.
S Baggers restaurant, in Nuremberg, Germany

S Baggers restaurantBefore having dinner in restaurant, whether you don’t want to see the rude waiter? S Baggers restaurant boss Michael Mark helps you solve the problem. He opened the first automation restaurant in the world. After guests having seat, can order through the touch screen on the table, even through sending the E-mail and SMS. Serving is through a conveyor spiral shape to your table.
“Modern toilet” restaurant, in Taipei

Mordern TolietIn Shilin District of Taipei, there is a toilet theme restaurant, is popular with toilet humor. The seat in the dining room is not ordinary seat, all of them are closestool. The guests take food from the mini plastic toilet type containers, clean hands and wipe mouth with the mandrel toilet paper hanging in the op of table, the table bath crock covering glass. Now, the entire Taiwan Island has more than 10 chain stores. However, this price is very cheap: only need 10 dollars a meal.

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1. Ithaa submarine restaurant, in the Maldives

Ithaa submarine restaurantIthaa is the first submarine restaurant full of glass in the world, cost $5 million, built on a coral reef in the Indian Ocean bottom 5meters. Cross the wooden walkway, and then go down steps, you will see six tables, and each table can only take two people. People, who can enjoy dinner here, can view tropical fish and coral reefs through the glass. Ithaa in local language means “pearl”, people were eating inside, like place oneself in the fish bowl, and fish looks from the outside.
2. SubCulture Dining restaurant, in San Francisco

SubCulture Dining restaurantIn San Francisco, “underground restaurant” is not little; their location always changes, because there is no formal registration. It may be in someone’s house or in a cool and refreshing small attic. But they are based on delicacies. SubCulture Dining is the most popular “underground restaurant” in San Francisco. Russell Jackson’s cooking is so well that he makes the restaurant getting good reputation, so that he has the enough money.
3. The Clinic restaurant, in Singapore

The Clinic restaurantIn recent years, in the west had the trend of “molecular gastronomy”, means the scientific principle is applied to food understanding and improvement. The kitchen is like a science laboratory, and cooking is as another form of scientific experiment. The shape of the food is shown in the scientific experiments: foam, liquid nitrogen, even the lactescence made with supersonic hybrid technology. Singapore’s molecular cuisine restaurant can be comparable to western molecular gastronomy. The more bizarre is that this is a hospital theme restaurant. In the demonstration kitchen, under the shine of surgery light, the cook is cooking in the stainless surgical operation table. Guests sit on wheelchair to have dinner.

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CapuccinoViennese Fanz George Kolschitsky is the founder of Cafe Latte the milk and coffee, these two kinds of drinks are derived from coffee and milk, but the origin of capuccino are more interesting, it has been the best subject matter of Europe and America researching text change.
This word history is enough to explain a word finally is extended into other meanings because it often seems like something, which far beyond the original word meaning. It sounds to be quite complicated, let’s look at the following analysis.
The Capuchin that was founded in 1525, the monks in the church all dressed on brown priest frock, and wore pointy hats, when the Capuchin was introduced to Italy, the local people thought the friar dress is very special, so gave it the Cappuccino name, the Italian of word refers to the robes and pointy hat that monks wear, derived from Italian “kerchief” namely Cappuccio.
However, the Italian love drinking coffee, they find after mixing the concentrated coffee, milk and milk bubble, and the color is like dark brown priest frock that monks dressed on, so they have an idea, give the drink that has milk, coffee and milk bubble the name Cappuccino. At the earliest, used this word in English was in 1948, at that time a San Francisco report first introduced the capuccino drinks, until after 199, it became the familiar coffee drinks in the world. So we should be able to say this word Cappuccino coffee, derived from Capuchin church and Italian Cappucio, believe original word maker of Cappuccino never expected monks priest frock finally became a kinds of coffee drink.

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On September 27, 2004, Neapolitan made the largest pizza in the world, and diameter was 5 meters, and weighs 124 kilograms.

impepata di cozzeWhat cuisine is there in Italian? Then taste this super impepata di cozze, which is also the most of the world.
On October 24th, 2005, in a restaurant in the Patras city of Greek, baked out the heaviest pork shashlik in the world. Before this, the restaurant prepared more than 1000kg pork and 150kg spices, 100 kg of salt and 2 tons of natural gas fuel. Put pork “string” on 1.73 meters long steel, baked it in the dawn of that day. Finally, the giant pork shashlik totally weighted of about 1850 kilograms.
In October 17th, 2008, Iran cooks had produced the largest sandwich in the world in Tehran. The giant ostrich meat sandwich is 1500 meters long and one ton weight, and was used up 700kg ostrich meat and 700kg chicken. It broke the record that the previous Italian created the largest sandwich record 1378 meters long, but the throng of crowd “eat” up the record, when the organization party was measuring sandwich. Organization party is still in the measurement sandwich length, the huge sandwich was vanished in a few minutes, and the three remaining Guinness staffs were only in a daze there.

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