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The vinegar
What the vinegar after all is: acid wine. According to historians, in about ten thousand years ago, someone accidentally kept wine too long time, and the wine had gone sour. Finally it becomes vinegar!
The basic method of making vinegar is very simple: the first: by the fermentation, the yeast becomes sugar into alcohol. Wine is in the same way. (Fruit, vegetables or beer can be as a first step to making vinegar.) The second step: the bacteria make alcohol change, and turn it into a kind of acid. This process is called secondary fermentation or acid fermentation. Only need to put wine (or other alcohol) in the air a period of time.
We usually want to use vinegar when mix the salad or pickle the vegetable, but according to history records, vinegar is used as curing and medicine for many centuries. The doctor put vinegar as the inhaler to treat skin disease, lung discomfort, also use it to treat wounded, fever and hemorrhage (internal bleeding) patients. Roman soldiers purify the drink with vinegar. Hannibal crossed the Alps; the vinegar played an important part. He first heated big stone, then sprinkled vinegar, which made the stone split.
Throughout the entire history, the maximum use of vinegar is food preservative. Previously, food preservation method is dry, salt bloats or pickled…… And the most important pickled liquid is the vinegar. Today, people still use vinegar to reduce the skin sunburn, and use it as detergents, cleaner, herbicide, and rust inhibitor, even in cream Lang ball sugar has vinegar. And, certainly it is as the cooking seasoning.


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