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Material: 9 cupcakes, chocolate sauce 80grams, 18 pieces of chocolate chip cookies, 27 chocolate chips
The decoration method of owl:
1. Prepare materials, after the baked cupcakes becoming room temperature, they can be used to decorate. Chocolate sauce is placed at room temperature over 30min.
2. Smear chocolate sauce, first squeeze the chocolate sauce on cupcakes surface, and smooth the surface of the chocolate sauce with a small spatula.
3. Owl Eyes, split the chocolate biscuits from the middle, exposing the middle white sandwich.
4. Paste the chocolate chips, smear a small amount of chocolate sauce in a side of chocolate beans, paste in white biscuit sandwich in step 3.
5. Owl ears, take a small amount of breaking off pieces of the biscuits, dip a small amount of chocolate sauce to paste on cupcakes in step 2.
6. Sticky eyes, apply a small amount of chocolate sauce in the back of the biscuits, and paste to the surface of the cake sauce.
7. Stick mouth. Take an orange chocolate bean to paste in the mouth of the position.
8. Another method to make owl ears. Pasting the ears, there is a method in addition to the method of step 5. Another method is using clean scissors to cut out the shape of the ear.
9. As mentioned above, paste the eyes and mouth, complete.

the process
1. Cupcakes are suitable to decorate a variety of creative cakes, so if you learn to make cupcakes, you can creat all kinds of cakes. The practice here is little different from common muffins cupcakes, taking sub-egg method, though it is a bit trouble, the produced cake is more fluffy, and tastes well. Adding butter makes the cake become more “power” after cooling to lift up cream, cookies, and other materials used to decoration.
2. In step 8 of making cupcakes, because in egg yolk has butter, it is the density, and the flour is more fluffy, so stir the flour and egg yolk is a more difficult thing, but be patient to stir them are no problem, do not be discouraged.
3. Chocolate sauce used to decorate owl can choose to the sauce for dipping the bread, can also make black cream to substitute.
4. This creative cupcake is the exclusive cakes of Halloween, so a lot of the material is chosen from the common orange. Such as orange owl mouth.


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How to make Cupcakes
3 egg white, 40grams of sugar(is used in egg white), 3 egg yolks, 50g of sugar (is used in egg yolk) , 25g of milk, 75grams of butter, cake powder 100 grams,
50 grams of cocoa powder, baking powder 7.5g.
Baking time and temperature: are respectively 180 degrees and 25 minutes
Finished products: Doing 9 cupcakes with 7cm diameter
The process of making cupcakes:
1. Weigh the various materials. After removing the egg white, egg yolks, milk, and butter from the refrigerator, put them in room temperature 1 hour.
2. Stir butter, stir the butter in the first container with manual eggbeater, make it smooth like silk.
3. Add in sugar (egg yolk). Continue to stir butter until butter whitening.
4. Add the first egg yolk. Continue to stir well.
5. Take turn to add into the second and third egg yolk. After mixing well an egg yolk then to add the next to stir.
6. Add into milk. Stir.
7. Sieve the flour into them. Sieve the cake flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together in egg yolks liquid in step 6.
8. Stirring. Use scraper to stir with cutting and turning out to avoid flour gluten.
9. Put aside the battery for later use. Stirred batter should be smooth and supple.

making process
10. Stir egg white protein (first egg into sugar), stir egg white with an eggbeater until it forming big bubble, and then add into 1/3 of the amount of sugar (protein), continue to stir.
11. Stir egg white (the second time to add into sugar). When the protein became thick, add into 1/3 of the sugar (protein) and stir.
12. Stir the protein (the third time to add into sugar). When eggbeater sweep the egg white surface leaving visible traces, add into the rest of the sugar and continue to stir.
13. Observe whether the egg white can move in a basin. If you cannot move, is about to be into the stage of wet foam.
14. Wet foaming. As shown, lift the top of eggbeater, tip of egg white is short and slightly bent, means that it is into the stage of wet foaming.You need to continue stirring.
15. Dry foaming. As shown, lift the top of eggbearter, tip of egg white is short, straight and not bend, means it is in the stage of drying foaming. The process of stirring egg white is completed.
16. Mix egg white and egg yolk liquid. First preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Then take 1/3 of the egg white into the egg yolk of step 9, stirring with a spatula, cut and turn method to mix.
17. Mixing continued. Put the mixed liquid of step 17 into the remainder of the egg white, stir evenly.
18. Put the cake batter into paper cups with spoon, and then bake in baking oven, 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

making process

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owl cupcakes

The origin of this desserts
The owl is one of the symbols of Halloween fantasy and horror. Every time the night strikes before Halloween, whether this sharp eyes and clever brain of owl is the ghost, zombie, witch, and black cat accomplice or night watchman of kids holding lights to cruise? The answer is just a legend … this dessert is the exclusive food of Halloween – owl cupcakes, in the eve of Halloween, whether you are afraid of it, or love it, it will give you a sense of a mysterious cute feeling and a rich chocolate fragrance.
The old legend of Halloween and owl
We are all familiar with the origin of the jack-o’-lantern and Halloween. Whether terrorist or mysterious, Halloween theme is always the specter and ghosts. Most of them appear at night, wandering ghost, floating ghost, riding a broom of witch, the bloody mouth ghoul, owl in the tree, zombies and skeletons in the cemetery, radish lights and pumpkin lights …
The Superstition about around the owl has a long and ancient history, so these nocturnal animals often appear in the horror film and the suspense film, and has been linked closely with the darkness. Today, the owl appears in hundreds of Halloween decorations, such as paper-cut of owl shape, clothing, masks, candle holders and tablecloths. In the fall of each year, they are decorated with Halloween, leaving a memorable night theme.
Exposure these mysterious colors, the owl is a good friend of our humanity, help us prevent and cure plant diseases and insect pests, control mice, moles, weasels, snakes. Oh, “cat” (falcon) and “rat” are always inseparable from each other.

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Peru is a major fishing country. All the people who came to Peru will taste a variety of seafood dishes. Fishing season in Peru, is also the most yield of anchovies, trout and squid, but the in Peruvian seafood market is rarely able to see the booth of selling abalone.Only you go to fish market near sea, where we find the figure of abalone. 15 wild abalone palm sizes actually only be sold less than 15 dollars! The local people explained to us, Peruvians are not like eating abalone, and they only see the abalone as the ordinary shellfish, so in local, the booths of selling abalone are less, and the price of abalone is cheapest in seafood. After buying abalone, stall holders will help you to cut abalone into pieces, and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice, and then you can eat raw, it tastes particularly well!
Have enough seafood, friends who come to Peru cannot forget to taste the barbecue of Peru, especially Peru sizzling beef heart which is Peruvians favorite midnight snack. In the country, when we eat barbecue usually drinks some beer, but Peruvians eat barbecue will drink dispensing drink – cat claw aloe juice.
The cat claw is not the kitten’s claws, but a local plant in Peru. The master workers who modulate cat claw aloe juice  dress in robes, playing with colorful bottles and jars in the cart, they mix into aloe vera, cat claw, and a kind of local tea together, and then mix hot soup that is boiled with herbs, pineapple, kumquat and pear, a cup of authentic cat claw aloe juice is well. Thick fruit flavor and the fragrance of aloe vera and tea, make people feel special well, when eat barbecue and drink it feel!
If you have the opportunity to go to Peru, sightsee scene to relax, at the same time do not forget to get a variety of Peruvian cuisine to reward your stomach, in particular, do not forget to taste these Peruvian cuisine with strange things.

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Roasted meat on horseback, roll bake with bark, burn and braise with the red-hot stone, and so on, in this world, nothing is impossible.
Roasted meat on horseback
In grassland region of Argentine, lives Gaucho, who are nomad, in the morning, before shepherds start off to graze, they first cut raw meat into thin slices, then put under the saddle, after a day of riding and running, the heat that horseback produced will be ripe the small pieces of meat under saddle, in the evening, when people are rest, get out the meat and add into palatable condiment, it is a distinctive flavor dish, is known as the "roasted meat on horseback" by local people.
Steaming through terrestrial heat
  In Zealand, geothermal energy is particularly rich, in the long-term life practice new zealanders explore an odd method to cook food: they shelf a few stakes on nozzle hole of terrestrial heat, and cover a big wood cover, this is the easiest food steamer, they put beef, lamb, potatoes, etc, in the ripe time, open the steamer, take out the steaming food, it is so easy, clean, and convenient, isn’t it? It is said that this method to cooking food is great benefit to the health of the human body.
Roll roast with bark
In Australia, Aborigines take advantage of its unique natural conditions to create a special kind of catering skill.They clean up the fish, and wrap the whole fish with rectangular soft bark, and tie it tightly with rope, embed into very hot sand that they heated before, or just the extinguished ashes, after a period term of baking, when you peel the bark, delicious fish will send out a kind of bark scent, this kind of "roasted fish with bark" due to the unique cooking methods, so that the water in the entire fish is few volatile, the fish certainly is soft, tender, when eat, the bark can be used as plate to place fish, the method is simple and health, isn’t it? 

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corn juice

In South America, the Inca country Peru has always been famous with its rich tourism resources in the world, such as the mysterious Peru native dance. But now, go to Peru to taste the local specialty, has become more and more popular choosing in all over the world tourists. When you really come to Peru this miraculous land, you will find here not only has more cate, but also much stranger things about food.
In Peru, the most precious corn is black of whole body, and unexpectedly the cheapest seafood is abalone, the most popular barbecue collocation drink is called cat claw aloe juice.
Almost every meal of Peruvian staple food has corn, and even their snacks are grilled corn, Fried corn and popcorn. Peru’s corn varieties are very much, the biggest corn can have the arm so long, but in Peru the most precious corn is the purple corn with the whole body black.
The kind of corn the corn stigma, niblet and corn stalks are all purple to black of that kind of color, especially beautiful. Peruvian are not edible this purple corn, because it tastes little hard and contains not much water, after the harvest, the niblet  of purple corn can only be cut down by using knife, so the Peruvian most use purple corn to boil purple corn juice. Add a lot of purple corn grain, pineapple skin and cinnamon into the pan, and boil them together, about two hours later, you will be able to drink this kind of delicious purple corn juice that Peruvian are home-made themselves, and have it almost every meal.

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French cuisine

We all know French cuisine also pays attention to "color, smell and taste". French cuisine pendulum plate is also very delicate and beautiful, and cook carver is also very good. French cuisine is also attractive, however, it is more noticeable keeping food taste, so will be not put too much condiment, which is afraid to not have the original taste of food.
In addition to French southerners loving eating spicy, is heavy taste, in general French cuisine is light. When cooking, they can’t put too much salt, and salt is placed on the table, each can add the salt according to their taste. The French do not eat monosodium glutamate, monosodium glutamate is a chemical product, so banned sale in France.
The oven is most commonly used cooker in France kitchen, a large number of food are baked. In France, the commonly used cooking methods are fry, boiled, steamed, etc. They also cook, but oil temperature is low, the cooking time longer, cooking with low temperature the nutrition is loss less.
The French all use sunflower seed oil and other vegetable oil, now we know olive oil is conducive to health, so olive oil is more and more used. The French also often use butter to cook. Butter is made from milk, low quantity of heat, high nutritive value. They burn the butter, use it to do soup, Fried meat, the dish is more delicious with the butter to cook.
The French people attach great importance to health, and food pays attention to nutrition balance and dietary collocation. In France, often can see posters labeled in restaurants and some public place, to remind people of reasonable diet, also recommended nutritious recipes. Such as diet pyramid, we know when little.
French people often eat less but variety, and the food has both meat and vegetarian. The main course more is chicken, duck, fish and seafood, and they eat meat, but must with vegetables, such as spinach, lentils, cauliflower, tomato, etc. 
When eat, French people are very "delicate". A typical breakfast of French is horn bread and a cup of Italian coffee, lunch is probably a small snack or a sandwich. Their dinner is rich, but in quality not quantity, fewer but better. For example, in the salad vegetables must have cheese, eggs or fish and chicken to match; and crude fiber bread, wine, and cheese are very nutritious food. "So, the fat French are not many, in Europe, the French figure is the most symmetrical." Someone said.
Now in the European is popular in eating slow food, is to enjoy delicate food, have a meal not in hurry, but quiet, gentle, and pay attention to nutrition balance.

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