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carrot juice

1, carrot skin contains rich nutrition, use the brush and water to fully clean its skin, crosscut it into round blocks.
2, if feel only drink carrot juice is not easy to drink, you can add some apples and tomatoes or banana, stir together and squeeze juice, or flavor with lemon juice and honey.
3, cut the carrot into the appropriate size, then put them in fruit juice extractor or blender, the carrot juice is made by the blender is sticky stiff carrot mud, which can completely retain the nutrition of carrot, you’d better drink it with a drop left.
If use fruit juice extractor, after squeeze out the carrot juice, can have residue in spin juicer, these remains contains abundant food fiber, should remove it out, and mix it into the carrot juice, doing so can’t waste the nutrition.
4, if has no fruit juice extractor or mixer, can prepare wipe cutting board, put the carrot on it and exert yourself to rasp, which can have the thin strip of carrot. Raw eating these carrot shredded is certainly well, you also can wrap them with gauze, squeeze out juice to drink that is also just well.
You will feel fun when you do it yourself.


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