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How to make Cupcakes
3 egg white, 40grams of sugar(is used in egg white), 3 egg yolks, 50g of sugar (is used in egg yolk) , 25g of milk, 75grams of butter, cake powder 100 grams,
50 grams of cocoa powder, baking powder 7.5g.
Baking time and temperature: are respectively 180 degrees and 25 minutes
Finished products: Doing 9 cupcakes with 7cm diameter
The process of making cupcakes:
1. Weigh the various materials. After removing the egg white, egg yolks, milk, and butter from the refrigerator, put them in room temperature 1 hour.
2. Stir butter, stir the butter in the first container with manual eggbeater, make it smooth like silk.
3. Add in sugar (egg yolk). Continue to stir butter until butter whitening.
4. Add the first egg yolk. Continue to stir well.
5. Take turn to add into the second and third egg yolk. After mixing well an egg yolk then to add the next to stir.
6. Add into milk. Stir.
7. Sieve the flour into them. Sieve the cake flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together in egg yolks liquid in step 6.
8. Stirring. Use scraper to stir with cutting and turning out to avoid flour gluten.
9. Put aside the battery for later use. Stirred batter should be smooth and supple.

making process
10. Stir egg white protein (first egg into sugar), stir egg white with an eggbeater until it forming big bubble, and then add into 1/3 of the amount of sugar (protein), continue to stir.
11. Stir egg white (the second time to add into sugar). When the protein became thick, add into 1/3 of the sugar (protein) and stir.
12. Stir the protein (the third time to add into sugar). When eggbeater sweep the egg white surface leaving visible traces, add into the rest of the sugar and continue to stir.
13. Observe whether the egg white can move in a basin. If you cannot move, is about to be into the stage of wet foam.
14. Wet foaming. As shown, lift the top of eggbeater, tip of egg white is short and slightly bent, means that it is into the stage of wet foaming.You need to continue stirring.
15. Dry foaming. As shown, lift the top of eggbearter, tip of egg white is short, straight and not bend, means it is in the stage of drying foaming. The process of stirring egg white is completed.
16. Mix egg white and egg yolk liquid. First preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Then take 1/3 of the egg white into the egg yolk of step 9, stirring with a spatula, cut and turn method to mix.
17. Mixing continued. Put the mixed liquid of step 17 into the remainder of the egg white, stir evenly.
18. Put the cake batter into paper cups with spoon, and then bake in baking oven, 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

making process


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The Sugar
The basic skills: let the mood add a little sweet
Special skills: remove oil pollution of the hand
Beautiful demonstration: if the hand is dirty with oil, you don’t have to use soap or the cleaner essence to wash clean, try to dip in a teaspoon of sugar to rub and then wash with water, can successfully remove grease. In addition, before washing sugar in hands, also can use it to rub container, also can remove oil on the container and then wash clean.
The basic skills: quickly replenish the salt after bursting into tears
Special skills: let both hands no longer itch
Beautiful demonstration: many people are scared of touching taro, special mucus will make your hands very itch and very uncomfortable, but the salt that we most frequently use can easily solve the trouble. Dip in a little salt in hand, both hands rub mutually, then wash with water, itching can disappear in a flash, and also can remove fishy smell in hands after cooking fish, it’s good idea, isn’t it?
The basic skills: make your mind clear a few minutes
Special skills: remove the fishy smell in hands
Beautiful demonstration: people who like drinking coffee are keen on grinding coffee with hand, but not many people know that coffee-grounds have their usage. Coffee grounds is the natural deodorants, can remove the fishy smell penetrating into the fingers. Catch a little coffee ground in hand; use your fingertips to rub. The chopping block after processing the fish, after cleaning with cleanser, then smear coffee grounds in hand, and then wash clean.

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classic onion soupThis is a classic onion soup, and the cooking process is simple, I use the vegetable soup, and with thyme and brandy to taste.
The materials: vegetable soup 1.2 liters, which divided into two parts, 4 onion and cut into slice, sugar, 2 spoon of flour, dry white wine 100ml, bay leaves 1 slice, half tea spoon of thyme powder, half tea spoon of fresh black pepper, 1 spoon of brandy, 4 slices of baked crusty bread, 1garlic and cut in half, the Italian cheese silk 2 spoon
The making process:
1. Heat 4 tablespoons vegetable soup in the pan, and add onion, stir, and stew those 15 minutes with medium heat, until the color becoming golden.
2. Add sugar and flour, and stir, then add the rest of the vegetable soup and grasp wine, add bay leaf, thyme and pepper and continue to stir, after boiling, continue to boil 8 minutes, stir constantly, and then turn the fire to small, the pot cover tightly not all, stew another 30 minutes.
3. Preheat grill.
4. After the soup well done, remove it, remove bay leaves, then add brandy and stir. Wipe the garlic on the bread. Scoop the soup to four bowls that can be used in the oven, put a piece of bread floating above each bowl. At last sprinkle the Italian cheese silk.
5. Put the bowl under the grill, until the cheese melted, you can enjoy it.

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 potato chipsFresh potatoes was fried to golden crispy skin, gently bite but found inside delicate fragrant, olive oil aromas and potatoes of fresh sweet to lead to a person to endless aftertaste.
The materials
Main ingredient: potatoes 250 grams, custard powder, egg, salt, sugar, starch, appropriate amount of tomato sauce, and olive oil.
The making practice:
1, peel potatoes and clean it, then cut the potatoes into strips, and put into the bowl, add salt, egg yolks, custard powder and mix well to use.
2, pour the olive oil into the pot, heat the oil, put French fries into oil, and with small fire slowly fry, fry it until the fries is golden, then put on the dish.
3, leave a little oil in the pot, add into tomato sauce and sugar, stir constantly, starch hook into sauce mix with water, put in the dish, with French fries edible.
Many people like to eat French fries, but also worry that eating many French fries is bad for the body. But if you use olive oil, you needn’t be worry, olive oil can resist high temperature even if used to Fried food, also not easy metamorphism, so use olive to fry potato chips, you can rest assured to eat!

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 Blueberries cheese cake

After meals eating a delicious dessert, is it also a wonderful thing?
Main ingredient: cheese
Accessories: milk 170grams, 4 egg yolks, egg white 60grams, blue blackberry 200grams
Seasoning: butter 45g, corn starch 12grams, and sugar 55grams
Blueberries cheese cake practice:
1 Put the milk and butter into a small pot, heat them until boiling, then shut fire, cool them;
2 Mix the egg yolks and 25grams sugar evenly, until the egg yolks become strong thickened and the color becomes white;
3 Sift in corn starch and mix well;
4 Pour the liquid of milk and butter into the yellow yolk, mix well, then pour back into the pan and heat, stirring constantly, after thickened immediately turn off the fire;
5 Put the softened cream cheese under the room temperature to the milk egg yolk, mix well;
6 Put 30grams of sugar into egg white for three times, and mix well until it produces foaming, preheat oven to 160 degrees.
7 Add the egg white into the egg yolk for two times, mix well, pour the half into the mold and add some blueberries, and finally pour into the remaining half in the batter, put blueberries on the surface.
8 The temperature of the fire is 160 degree, bake 60 minutes between water, after the surface color is even, you take out and cool it, then freezer for 3 hours , at that time, it’s more delicious.
This is the process I do the blueberry cheese cake, if you have other method, be sure to share with me.

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