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The Bread
It was said that around the 2600 BC, there was an Egypt slave who used water and flour to make cake, one night, the bread was not roasted well, he fell asleep, the stove also put out. In the night, the raw cake began to ferment, and became bigger. When the slave was awake, found the raw cake was bigger twice than the one last night. He hurriedly put back the cake in the oven; he thought that there weren’t someone know him not finishing the work and carelessly fell asleep. When the bread was cooked, slave and master all found that the cake was much better than they used to eat, it’s loose and soft.
Maybe the flour, water or sweetener (perhaps are honey) is exposed to the wild yeast or bacteria in the air, after a period of time fermentation, yeast grows and spreads through the whole cake. The Egyptians continue to use the yeast to do experiment, and become the first generation of professional baker in the world.
A careless mistake created bread, is it very interesting? In life, sometimes you are careless, must pay attention, you may inadvertently make history.


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