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 Blueberries cheese cake

After meals eating a delicious dessert, is it also a wonderful thing?
Main ingredient: cheese
Accessories: milk 170grams, 4 egg yolks, egg white 60grams, blue blackberry 200grams
Seasoning: butter 45g, corn starch 12grams, and sugar 55grams
Blueberries cheese cake practice:
1 Put the milk and butter into a small pot, heat them until boiling, then shut fire, cool them;
2 Mix the egg yolks and 25grams sugar evenly, until the egg yolks become strong thickened and the color becomes white;
3 Sift in corn starch and mix well;
4 Pour the liquid of milk and butter into the yellow yolk, mix well, then pour back into the pan and heat, stirring constantly, after thickened immediately turn off the fire;
5 Put the softened cream cheese under the room temperature to the milk egg yolk, mix well;
6 Put 30grams of sugar into egg white for three times, and mix well until it produces foaming, preheat oven to 160 degrees.
7 Add the egg white into the egg yolk for two times, mix well, pour the half into the mold and add some blueberries, and finally pour into the remaining half in the batter, put blueberries on the surface.
8 The temperature of the fire is 160 degree, bake 60 minutes between water, after the surface color is even, you take out and cool it, then freezer for 3 hours , at that time, it’s more delicious.
This is the process I do the blueberry cheese cake, if you have other method, be sure to share with me.


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